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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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Have you tried all of the various diet plans and still had no success losing the extra weight? On our doctor supervised Weight Loss Program you can safely lose 20-35 pounds in 42 days.

J’Essential Health and Wellness is a certified clinic for this weight loss program. We monitor your progress so you can achieve your weight loss goals. We have seen AMAZING results! If you are serious about losing weight, you have got to try it!

Natural, effective weight loss with J'Essential Health and Wellness in Northern California
Weight Loss California

Our Weight Loss Program

  • Doctor-supervised weight loss program that will turn your body into a fat burning machine.
  • Most patients lose between 15-30 pounds and several inches off their midsection in 42 days.
  • No pre-packaged foods or shakes.
  • No drugs or injections.
  • No exercise required.
  • Weekly weigh-ins, measurements, blood pressure and BMI calculations.
  • Helps you stay off medications and the potential side effects from those medications.
Vitamin B12 and Lipo Injections

Boost your energy and metabolism with an all-natural vitamin B12 injection.  Lipo-Vitamin D injections contain essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help boost the metabolism and lower those cholesterol numbers!

Weight loss patient


Thank you sooooo much! Dr. Jenny is a miracle worker that changes attitudes, inspires healthy lives, and coaches you up to feel great again!

Joe D.

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Your health and wellness is of utmost importance to us. We would love the opportunity to help you with weight loss, pain reduction, and more.

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“J'Essential showed me exactly what I need to do to reduce my pain and become more healthy each day. Thank you!”
Joe S. - San Bernardino