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NeuroHealth™ Assessment by J'Essential Health in California

Brain Health Assessment – Measuring the Health & Function of the Brain & Nervous System

Brain Health Assessment – Measuring the Health & Function of the Brain & Nervous System

Optimal health focuses on improving the cellular health and function of the nervous system. Our assessment quantifies two types of neurological health:

  1. Cell nutritional health
  2. Functional brain health

The structural portion measures the nutritional health of the cell membrane while the functional portion measures how efficiently the brain is organizing and regulating its functions.

Measuring and tracking your fatty acid levels over time is one of the most important things you can do to protect and optimize the health of your brain and body, as well as maximize your cognitive performance.

Your results show how you rank compared to others your same age.

You’ll receive actionable results that empower improvement.

We offer:

  • Online Brain Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Online Wellness and Diet Coaching
  • Online Life Coaching


We now know that the brain can change itself, and does so based on the input it receives. This is called neuroplasticity. We are NOT victims of genetics or limited by an imperfect IQ as once believed.

You have the power to create your own success simply by providing your brain the stimulus it needs to transform you into a mental powerhouse, capable of fashioning any life you desire.

This video explains how our most complex organ is capable of changing throughout our lives and how we all have the ability to learn and change by rewiring our brains.

Improve Your Brain Health Today

Dietary, health, genetic, metabolic, and lifestyle factors influence the structural and functional health of your brain over time. The NeuroHealth™ Assessment allows you to track the health of your brain, like you track the health of your heart. When your brain works right, your body works right.

“The brain wave stress reduction technique felt wonderful! The soothing tones and repetitions really calmed me down and relieved my urges to eat over stressful situations!”

Thana B., Cloverdale CA

“They are definitely on the cutting edge of health improvements. I love the results I’m getting so far.”

Betty Y. – Thousand Oaks

“My daughter was doing poorly in school with her grades. This brain assessment was invaluable in getting in back on the right track! Thank you!”

Teresa R. – Sunnyvale

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