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Beauty and Body Post Op

Beauty and Body Post Op

Post Op Recovery Care IV Service Fee

IV Hydration Care can be an important part of your recovery to boost energy, promote healing and needed hydration when you have not felt like eating or drinking water. Our Main Recovery IV Nutrient Therapy recommendations are listed below.

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IV Nutrients – $225


What they do not tell you about post op care…. Is to make sure and have a Post Op Care Plan in place. Your Healing and Recovery begins with Post Op Care.

The importance of adding Vitamins and Nutrients and Hydration after surgery is vital. Boosting your immunity after surgery is important to help fight off infections that can cause serious complications and lead up to death.

1. J’essential Refresh, Replenish & Rehydrate $225

Blend of Myer’s Cocktail essential nutrients to promote building, repairing tissue, relieve chronic pain, boost immunity and restore energy.

2. J’essential Emergency Immunity $225

Compound Blend of Vitamins B, C, With Zinc and Lysine to Boost Immunity Immediately to aid with healing and tissue repair and fighting infection after surgery.

3. J’essential Beauty & Body $225

A Beautiful Compound Blend to promote essential nutrients including Vitamin B & C to fortify skin, hair, nails, anti aging wrinkles and promote weight loss. Glutathione Boost the effects.

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